Questions from teens. Part 2

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:A young man asks a very unique question related to the genealogy of Ham and the events at the tower of Babel.

Questions from teens. Part 1

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture got a lot of questions from teens at Camp Horizon. Many were surprised to learn that the Bible had information relevant to scientific questions. In this program he answers questions related to dinosaur extinction, the animals on the ark, and the meaning of "God created evil" in Isaiah 45:7.

Welcome back Scott Kump!

Dr. Ben Scripture & Scott Kump


Description:Scott had open heart surgery a few weeks ago. He's back and better than ever. Dr. Scripture has Scott explain his ordeal and what he's learned through it all.

How do creationists deal with distant starlight?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture responds in part to the letter addressed in the previous program. Is the fact that we can see the light from a star that is millions of light years away a problem for the young universe creation model?

The MEANING of Scripture

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture is not referring to what HE means, it's what the BIBLE means that's important. In this program he deals with questions from a listener about the interpretation of biblical texts, especially as related to the creation account. How do know what it means?

Questions from listeners

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Did Adam and Eve have children before Cain? How old would Adam and Eve be today? are the questions addressed in this program. Note: "How old would Adam and Eve be today?" is another way of asking "how old is the earth?"

Creation in Isaiah. Part 4

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Chapter 29 of Isaiah reveals thoughts of those who deny the Creator, and they no different than how people think today.

Creation in Isaiah. Part 3

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Isaiah 17:7-8 indicates some of God's people will finally repent and return to their Maker. Then in Isa 25:6-9 and chapter 26 and 27 the Creator predicts coming punishment of our adversary the devil, figuratively referred to as Leviathan (Isa 27:1 cf. Rev 12:9-10).

What causes the earth to wooble?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Did you even know the earth woobles around its axis? Well it does, and a listener wondered if the upheaval of the flood could've been the cause. Dr. Scripture addresses this interesting question.

Why does God let "bad" things happen? Part 2

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:This question from a listener is one that we all ask at one point or another in our lives, believer or non-believer. For the believer it can be extremely challenging to deal with, for the unbeliever it often is used as an excuse to reject a relationship with their Creator.

Why does God let "bad" things happen? Part 1

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:This question from a listener is one that we all ask at one point or another in our lives, believer or non-believer. For the believer it can be extremely challenging to deal with, for the unbeliever it often is used as an excuse to reject a relationship with their Creator.

"Is Genesis History?" movie review.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:This new documentary is highly recommended by Dr. Scripture. It has wonderful photography and the interviews with various creation scientists are very informative. The resounding answer to the question of the film title is, "YES!"

Creation in Isaiah. Part 2

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture continues the series in Isaiah, focusing on passages which relate to creation or the Creator.

Creation in Isaiah. Part 1

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:What do Genesis, Job and Isaiah have in common? One thing is they each have many references to creation. This program is the first in a series of programs Dr. Scripture will be doing on creation in the book of Isaiah. In this program he explains the connection between the themes of judgment and creation which we find in the book.

Snakes, creation and Niagara Falls.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:In this program Dr. Scripture addresses questions from listeners. Were snakes on the ark? Who wrote the Genesis account of creation? Was Niagara Falls part of creation? What do you think?

Molecular biology--made easy?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Do you think molecular biology must be difficult to understand? Well, because of scientists' increased understanding of molecular biology, it is getting even more difficult for evolutionists to explain the origin of life. The information in those molecules of life--how did it get there?

Where are the heavens?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Genesis 1:1 includes the word heavens, but the Bible refers to 3 heavens (2nd Cor 12:2). In this program Dr. Scripture discusses what or where they are.

Resurrection tied to Creation

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:This program considers the resurrection of those who are in Christ, and the guarantee our Creator gives that it WILL occur--skeptics not-with-standing. If the Creator can call into existence the heavens and the earth--He can probably handle raising His children from the dead!

The Garden of Eden

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture received two questions about the Garden of Eden from a listener; were there two Gardens of Eden, and who was first in the Garden, Satan or Adam? In this program we consider several things the Bible has to say about Eden.

What Scripture means.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:The meanings of words in our fluid society can change rapidly. That can become a challenge for our understanding of the meaning of Scripture. In this program this subject is discussed and the meaning of the Hebrew word BARA, generally translated "create" is studied in some detail.

More on Horse Evolution

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture shares some more on what he observed at the Chicago Field Museum and explains some more about the recent research on horse evolution and its implications.

Dr. Scripture visits a museum.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture visited the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois, and describes some of the displays he observed there. He warns of the deceptive power of the presentations which amount to "evolution evangelism."

Horse Evolution or Adaptation?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Brand new research on horse fossils calls into question a fundamental evolutionary principle that supposedly "drives" evolutionary change. However, this new research fits the creation model of "adaptation of the kinds" very nicely.

Scripture On The Creator #29-NT finale.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:This final installment of Scripture On The Creator in the NT considers what turns out to be only 4 distinct passages in Matthew, Mark and Luke combined. Seems odd, but Dr. Scripture gives a possible reason, then discusses the various passages.

Whither Art Thou, Oh Oort Cloud?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:A perpetual source of comets is needed by scientists who assume our solar system is billions of years old. The "solution" is the Oort Cloud, proposed by Jan Oort in 1950. The problem is even with our powerful space-based telescopes, NO evidence for an Oort Cloud has ever been detected.

More about marsupials.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:The 1/28/17 program, "What! Creationists don't have all the answers?" discussed the phenomenon of the large number of marsupials in Australia--a problem for creation theory. Shortly after, ACTS & FACTS published an article discussing how this fact is a problem for evolution theory.

SKAPER: a new creation organization in Norway

Dr. Ben Scripture and Bernt Arild Gjovag


Description:SKAPER, a brand new and the only evangelical creation organization in Norway has officially begun. Their newly launched website, is excellent (although most of us won't be able to read it) Tell your Norwegian friends!

Darwin, it's not so simple after all.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:As a follow-up to "What! Creationists don't have all the answers?" this program discusses what Dr. Scripture considers are two of the most difficult problems for evolutionists to explain if the theory of evolution is true.

What! Creationists don't have all the answers?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Creationists DON'T have all the answers to all the natural phenomena we observe, and in this program Dr. Scripture discusses what he considers to be two of the most difficult problems Creation Theory needs to work on.

The Redemption of Creation

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Did all creation need to be redeemed and if so, did it happen at the cross? Dr. Scripture addresses these questions by considering the meaning of redemption and what Scripture says about creation in light of this important idea.

Creation questions from India

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:To some of the audiences Dr. Scripture addressed, he presented messages on creation. He then took questions; some of which are discussed in this program.

Dr. Scripture's trip to India

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:In this program, Dr. Scripture talks about many of his experiences during his whirlwind tour of India. Nothing actually related to creation in this program. Next week he'll discuss some creation related stories from his trip.

What does Dr. Scripture believe?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture gets a question from a listener who wonders--after checking out his website--what does he believe? Would he consider himself in agreement more with Ken Ham or CI Scofield? Dr. Scripture responds.

Scripture On The Creator #28

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:In John 17:24 Jesus refers to the Father's love for Him "before the foundation of the world." In this program we discuss the meaning of that phrase, and how it relates to Jesus' identity as the Creator.

Scripture On The Creator #27

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:In John, Jesus' sign miracles point to His power over creation. Water to wine happens all the time--but not instantaeously! And healings that took a week or two would hardly be PROOF something supernatural happened.

Black Holes & Gallup Poles.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture responds to a question about the types of celestial bodies which are recognized by scientists, and discusses a Gallup pole which surveys people concerning their beliefs about human origins.

Letters From Listeners: Where & Why They Listen.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:As a response to our offer of a free DVD entitled, "Origin: How Did Life On Earth Begin?" I asked that listeners tell us where, when and WHY they listened to the program. I go lots of wonderful letters in reply. I read some of them on this show--THANKS!!

Mt. St. Helens & Grand Canyon: evidence for THE FLOOD

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture visited Mt. St. Helens and the Grand Canyon this year (check out photos in BEN'S PHOTO GALLERY). He discusses these geological formations and the evidence they provide for the global flood.

Is the Sun a star and who is Lucifer?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture addresses more questions from listeners. Does the Bible call the Sun a star? And are Lucifer and Satan names for the same or different persons? AND at the end, a special offer is made to listeners of the Scripture On Creation radio program.

Listeners' Questions: Cain (again) & the Tree of Life.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture answers another question about Cain, the city he built and the meaning of the Tree of Life. PLUS he there's a special offer coming in NEXT week's program!

Listener Questions: Does Evolution Explain Everything?

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture explains what he's been doing on an extended road trip, and answers more listeners' questions--one from a student who is being told "evolution explains everything."

Listener Questions: Cain & Climate Change.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Dr. Scripture answers some questions received from listeners. He discusses whether there were people not related to Adam and Eve from whom Cain obtained a wife, and considers what the Bible has to say about "Climate Change."

Genetic Research Supports Genesis. Part 3

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:We continue discussion of the latest genetic research reported on in the Spring 2016 CRSQ. What IS mitochondrial DNA and does it REALLY have anything to do with Noah's daughters-in-law!? Amazingly--it does.

Genetic Research Supports Genesis. Part 2

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:We continue to discuss the latest research in Genetics which not only is challenging neo-Darwinism, but supports the record of Human history in Genesis. Evolutionary publications are evidence for the trouble facing Darwinism.

Genetic Research Supports Genesis. Part 1

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:The latest Creation Research Society Quarterly is totally deditcated to the field of GENETICS. In the next few programs we discuss some information in it. We find that modern research fits much better with the record in Genesis than evolutionary scenarios of human history.

Scripture On The Creator #26

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:We continue to consider what John says about the Word whom he doesn't identify by name until John 1:17. The list of character traits and accomplishments are impressive to say the least; the first thing mentioned being He is the Creator.

Scripture On The Creator #25

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:John begins his gospel by making a direct parallel to Genesis 1:1-3. He reveals through the inspiration of the Spirit (cf. Gen 1:2) that the Word he introduces is indeed the Creator.

Scripture On The Creator #24

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:We continue studying Acts 17. In this passage we find an excellent example of what we could say when we share the gospel in our modern era. For example we might START by explaining that the God of the Bible is the Creator.

Scripture On The Creator #23

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:Paul preaches the gospel on Mars Hill in Athens and introduces his pagan audience to the identity of their "Unknown God." What he first says about the true God is His name, Jesus, that He was raised from the dead, and His identity as the Creator.

A visit to the Ark Encounter.

Dr. Ben Scripture


Description:After much talk and many questions, Dr. Scripture visits the Ark Encounter himself to give a firsthand description of the amazing vessel. His recommendation--GO!